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Buttonwood Financial Group is dedicated to improving the complete financial health of our clients through education, wealth planning, and the development and supervision of unique, custom personalized portfolios for individuals, corporations and financial institutions. The wide range of services offered meet the diverse financial needs of both new and long-term clients.

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Sept. 1 - NYSE and Buttonwood closed for Labor Day.

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Priceless Collection at Risk of Substantial Loss

Original art, heirloom jewelry, autos from a bygone era, furniture handcrafted two centuries ago, and wine with vintages before your first adult grandchild was born; such is the nature of collecting unique and valuable items.  Some collections have grown out of a passion for a certain artist or a region of the world that speaks to the heart; others are more tactically acquired as a “portfolio diversifier,” and of course let’s remember the rare and valuable items that have been passed down through generations making us the temporary caretaker of things growing more valuable with the passing of each generation.

The day-to-day presence of valuable items, each with a special story attached, creates a “Family CFO” challenge that many of our multi-generational clients have shared with us.  It is hard to see past the familiar beauty and the passion a collection evokes in order to objectively assess the real financial loss that would occur should an item or dare we contemplate, an entire collection be lost to unforeseen peril.  Not seeing this potential loss is what we call a “risk blind spot.”

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Buttonwood Art Space

Now Showing

Anything Goes - Lady "Anything Goes",  through August 29th.

Variety is the theme in this art exhibition with works in all media selected by the staff at Buttonwood Art Space!

For additional information about this show or any exhibit at Buttonwood Art Space, contact Kathy - (816) 285-9040 or visit ButtonwoodartspacE.com.