Family CFO

At Buttonwood, we believe in the fact that as wealth builds life doesn’t get simpler – it gets more complex. It is the goal of our Team to simplify the financial process for families that desire to protect and grow their money.

Today, many individuals dedicate a significant amount of personal time to managing all the various aspects of their financial life. We ask, what if, like a business, you could have your own Chief Financial Officer? This is the role Buttonwood fulfills for families every day!

As your “Family CFO” we focus on the creation, implementation, and ongoing strategy in your financial life. We provide comprehensive tax, insurance, estate planning, investments, cash flow, retirement, education, and business strategies – all integrated into your life and based upon your specific goals.

During an initial meeting it’s our objective to provide you with answers to any questions you have, as well as learn what it is you would like your life to look like and what you desire your assets to do for you. At this meeting, if you determine our Family CFO services are a fit with your needs, and we have a good understanding of at least the high level parts of your financial life, we will develop a written summary of initial recommendations and strategies.

If our recommendations make sense to you, we then implement some or all of the various strategies, meeting regularly as needed, until we have i's dotted and t's crossed. From there we generally meet with the families we work with on a semi-annual or quarterly basis, more often if desired, to refine and revise strategy as you move through life.

Buttonwood's team of financial professionals work together seamlessly to:
  • Offer holistic, meticulously researched advice, education, and best practices for growing and managing wealth;
  • Offer access to best-in-class solutions for continuity and estate governance;
  • Work with you to develop, implement, monitor and adjust as needed, financial strategies designed to address your specific objectives;
  • Customize services to address the specific needs of your family. Your family nor your needs are never placed into a “box” of pre-planned services. Rather, a personalized “box” of services to fit your needs is custom-built for you;
  • Anticipate and meet your needs through every life's transitions. That means being here for you today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

If our Family CFO services seem like they may be a fit for your needs, please contact Buttonwood today to interview us and learn more.